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Reiki Circle and Sound Healing

Reiki Circle and Sound Healing workshops are designed to take a break for few hours, to let go of stress, anger, fear and negative emotions in a safe and peaceful environment.

Through the combination of Meditation, Reiki Healing techniques and Sound Bath, I will guide the group to fully relax, restore and re-connect with the true-self. 

The event starts with a cleansing and recharging meditation, reiki principles chanting, and reiki cleansing methods, which will help to calm the mind. In turn I will provide open reiju (attunements) to every participants, to prepare the hands for the group healing.

In the second part every participant lays down on a massage table and receive hands on group healing by the rest of the group. It is a very relaxing and peaceful experience, the mind will be completely relaxed, the thoughts will disappear and the peaceful sensation will remain also in the coming days.

The workshop continues with a soothing sound healing part, and the vibrations  of the sound will help to reach a state of contemplation, relaxation and peacefulness.

The Reiki healing combined with the sound bath is an alternative a way of managing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and blocking all the ideas and thoughts out of consciousness as you connect with your body.

This event is also designed to be able to exchange reflections and experiences with other like-minded people, so it is a safe place to let go of inner emotions and get support from the rest of the group.

An angel oracle card reading is also offered at the end of the event.
No previous experience is required. 

The Reiki Circle and Sound Healing events are arranged periodically.

Next planned Reiki circle dates are:  8/12/2023, 3/02/2024, 15/03/2024, 13/04/2024

in Carl Plougs Vej 4c, Frederiksberg.


Join us and recharge your energy through the light of the Universal Life Force!

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