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About me

My name is Annalisa, I am italian and I moved to Denmark in 2014. I am married and mother of two beautiful kids.

I chose the name Ornelia for my Reiki business because it is a profound meaning to me.

The name Ornelia has italian origin and means "Flowering ash tree".  This tree is also called " Magical Manna Ash Tree" that grows particularly in the Tyrrhenian Coast in South of Italy, where I was born. Manna is thought to be a cure for all kinds of maladies and it is also known as the “nectar of the gods”. 

Therefore Ornelia Healing brings the colour of South of Italy, the magical abundance and cure for people who seeks help.

Although my professional background is in engineering, my journey has led me to the Natural Healing Arts. It is important to tune into Universe to find your true calling. My passion is healing and supporting you to your optimum wellness.

My spiritual awakening started in 2017. I had to a dark period of the soul at that time, and I looked for tools to  heal from grief and sorrow. I learned several types of meditations techniques which I now use as daily practice and I have incorporated in my Reiki practice.

In the same period I had to deal with an acute backpain.  I started to run every morning with the intention to heal by following the recommendation of my doctor. After a short period I realized that while I was running my hands were getting warm and tingling. By following my intuition I finish my running by holding my hands on the backpain area. After few months the pain got under control, but I wanted to know more about the hands touch therapy.

Therefore I started to attend Reiki courses and I got my first initiation in Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in 2019 in Copenhagen. From there I practice  Reiki on myself, my dearest ones and my kids and I experienced many improvements in my life.

In 2021 I discovered the Traditional Japanese Reiki Method called Komyo ReikiDo, based on the Japanese aestetic that "Less is More". Komyo ReikiDo is simple and it is very close to the original Usui Reiki Ryoho thanks to the research of its founder Hyakuten Inamoto. He has extensively researched the origins of Usui Reiki Ryoho and continues to do so. Being Japanese, he is in a unique position of being able to clarify and correct the various myths and misunderstandings which have arisen over the years due to language and cultural barriers.

The main aim of Komyo ReikiDo is to cultivate a healthy balance between mind and body through daily Reiki Ryoho practice enabling the student to inner peace.

Today I am Reiki Healing Teacher and I organize regular Traditional Reiki Circle and Komyo ReikiDo classes.

I wish to spread the knowledge of Reiki Method in its original form and to service other people in their healing process by giving them an easy tool which they can practice themselves on a daily basis. 

​I look very forward to hearing from you and beginning our work towards your healing and wellness.

 Whether is a physical or an emotional pain Reiki Healing Art can help anyone in the healing process!

Education and Experience

 - Music Education Piano and choir  (1987-1995)

 - Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering (Politecnico di Torino - Italy) - 2006

 - Project and Quality Manager in Corporate companies - since 2007

 - Trainer and coach in Quality management in workplace since 2010

 - Kriya Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Living Self Realization Fellowship by Paramanhansa Yogananda member since 2017

 - Breathing Exercise, Yoga and Meditation course by Govind Radhakrishnan Santhi Yoga in Herning

 - Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioner since 2019 with Natalia Kuraszynska Reiki Healing Copenhagen

 - Expansion of Psychic abilities with Nikki Dutta (UK) 2021

 - Komyo ReikiDo Teacher and Shihan by Hyakuten Inamoto since 2022

 - Certified Angel Tarot Reader by best-selling author Radleigh Valentine 2023

 - Tarot and Mediumship course by Radleigh Valentine and Heather Hildebrand 2023

 - Angel Numerology by Radleigh Valentine 2023

Important books

The following books had a big impact on my spiritual development and I can recommend them:

 - Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramanhansa Yogananda

- Destiny of souls, Journey of Souls and Life between Lives by Michael Newton Ph.D.

- This is Reiki by Frank Arjava Petter

- The Akashic records by Sandra Anne Taylor

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